翻译如下:Schedule from Monday to Sunday安排表或者可以说 Arrangement chart
I think it is very important to arrange the study plan reasonably. I have already attended class on Monday.I feel reasonably arranged to learn the plan is very important. Monday I sorted a good mentality, I have been going to do a good job, then I will return to review, I have learned the homework on Tuesday, I have finished the homework on Wednesday, and then I will review Friday, then review Friday, then review Friday, Just get back about words and read texts every day. This is mine.
journey英 ['dʒɜːnɪ] 美 [ˈdʒɝnɪ] 一般指时间和距离都较长的陆路旅行,不含有回到原出发地的意思voyage指不论路程长短的水上或空中的“游历,旅行”
[例句]He journeyed on foot.他徒步旅行。
trip 英 [trɪp] 美 [trɪp] 指短距离的旅行,常回到原出发地,不强调旅行的方式或目的。[例句]I'm not carrying much with me on this trip. 这次出去旅行我随身带的东西不多。
tour英 [tʊə] 美 [tʊr],We tour by car every summer. [例句]每年夏天我们都驾车出外旅行。
Dear JaneHow it going?Let me tell you what I will do this holiday.I plan to go to Beijing,I will go to the Great Wall,Maybe I will go to Badaling.too.I heard that the food in Beijing are very good,So I may go to eat it.what a fun holiday,Ican’t wait.
I'm very happy that we visited Xi'an last year.We enjoy those days in Xi'an very much.Xi'an is a great city,it has long history and great views.We went to the Xi'an museum,and the great two towers.
I also saw the great ancient soldiers,and a lot of wonderful things.Xi'an also has clean and wide streets,high buildings and a lot of good food.I love the noodles!
Xi'an is so lovely that a lot of people go to visit it.I also saw many foreign visitors,they' were all very interested in Xi'an.I was so proud about xi'an,and our great country.
5.中间的那个调整钮共两挡,第一挡是调整日期,第两挡是调整时间的。第一挡调整时,往后旋转是调日期,往前旋转是调星期。如果表本身没有星期显示的话,就不用星期设置。  不同品牌,不同款式的手表调校方法略有所不同,最好是参考相应表款的说明书。
Gulangyu — A fairyland in the worldGulangyu is a small island of Xiamen.It’s like a garden on the water.Cars and buses are not allowed to drive there,which makes the island so quiet that music played on the piano and violin can be heard.Here the sky and the sea clearly meet on the horizon.When standing at the top of the Sunshine Rock,you can see much of the landscape of Xiamen,and when standing at its foot,you can gaze at the beautiful garden that surrounds it.Gulangyu produces bananas,coconuts,sugar cane and so on.The people here,warm,simple and hardworking,are making every effort to make the island more beautiful and they hope to welcome more visitors in the future.Such is Gulangyu,a beautiful and inviting island,where a warm welcome awaits.
I went to Guilin with my family during the summer holidays.We went there by train.We stayed there for five days.
We sew beautiful green hills,clean water and some strange caves.We went boating in Lijiang River.
We had some delicions food.Guilin rice noodles were very delicions.We all had a great time.I hope to go there again one day.

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